US: 19 Killed, Several Remain Without Power Supply As Storm Hits California

Image Source: Twitter

California: The havoc and chaos continue as a storm in California claims the lives of atleast 19 people and leaves reportedly more than 4,00,000 people without power supply.

According to meteorologists, the rain and downpour are predicted to persist for more days amid more than dozens of deaths and widespread destruction in California.

According to a report by The Hill, California has had tremendous rain and snow over the last few weeks, causing power disruptions and forcing people to evacuate or shelter homes.

A New York Times report added that thousands of California residents have been told to leave their homes as heavy rains caused flooding in various parts of the state. Relentless storms over the last 11 days have left no part of the state untouched, flooding towns from north to south and loading inland mountains with snow.

Christina Patricola, an Iowa State University assistant professor of geological and atmospheric sciences, added that “Atlantic hurricane seasons will become even more active in the future, and hurricanes will be even more intense.”

The report further added that the projected number of tropical cyclones could increase by 34 per cent during inactive North Atlantic hurricane seasons.

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