Fact Check: Video from Bangladesh Fictitiously Shared As Indian Bodybuilder Insulted on Stage

A video, showing a bodybuilder angrily removing his medal and kicking the award, is widely shared on social media claiming that a low-caste Indian bodybuilder being insulted on the stage. 

The video is shared on Facebook with a caption: “టాలెంట్ ఎంత ఉన్నా కులాన్ని బట్టే గుర్తింపు ఉంటుంది డిజిటల్ ఇండియా లో అతని ప్రతిభని గుర్తించండి రా తక్కువా కులం వాడు ఆన్ని అవమానించకండి తక్కువ కులం వాడైతే ఏందిరా మనిషి కాదా అతను” (English translation: No matter his talent, recognition will be based on caste. In Digital India, recognise his talent. Do not insult him. If he is from a lower caste, is he not a human?)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be MISLEADING. 

Performing a Reverse Image Search, we found the verified YouTube page of Bodybuilding Insider carrying the same viral video on December 26, 2022. The video description reads: “Bangladeshi bodybuilder kicked prize on stage, but why was the bodybuilder angry and kicked the award, was the bodybuilder angry on judges or was the bodybuilder angry with placing, full information on why Bangladeshi bodybuilder kicked prize on stage.” 

The same incident had been reported by several media outlets claiming that this incident happened in Bangladesh. One of the reports reads: “Bodybuilder Jahid Hasan Shuvo protested in an awkward way against alleged biasedness of the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation, kicking away from the stage one of his second-best prizes a blender machine in front of everyone at a national competition Friday.” None of these articles mentions anything about the bodybuilder being a lower caste. 

Jahid was reportedly upset after he came second in the BABF National Bodybuilding Championships 2022 and alleged that the results were fixed.

As punishment for his behaviour, the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation banned Shuo from bodybuilding for life. The circular issued by them can be seen here.

Thus, it is confirmed that a video from Bangladesh is falsely shared as an Indian bodybuilder insulted on stage. 

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