Fact Check: 2019 Video Viral As Recent Scuffle Between BJP Leaders

A video of a scuffle between few people appears to be a meeting or a conference room is doing the rounds on social media. The post claims that it is a recent video of the BJP leaders beating each other with shoes.

The post reads: एक मिनट में एक दूसरे पर जूता बरसाते , ये हैं बेशर्म संस्कारों वाले भाजपाई #बेशर्म_भाजपाई_संस्कार (English translation: Showering shoes on each other in just a minute. These are the shameless BJP people)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post, and found it to be misleading.

Running the keyframes from the video through Reverse Image Search, we found that the same video had been shared by a journalist in 2019. The tweet, dated March 6, 2019, describes: “UP’s Sant Kabir Nagar BJP MP Sharad Tripathi attacked local BJP MLA Rakesh Baghel with a shoe during a public meeting after an altercation began over the MP’s name missing from inauguration plate.”

Also, our NewsMobile report, dated March 6, 2019, had established that the incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Sant Kabir Nagar about 200 km from Lucknow where BJP MP Sharad Tripathi and BJP MLA Rakesh Singh got involved in a scuffle. The two lawmakers were arguing over the placement of names on a foundation stone of a project.

News wire ANI UP tweeted the same video on March 6, 2019.

NewsMobile debunked the same video in 2020, when it was shared claiming that it is from a scuffle that took place between an AAP member and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh.

Old video of scuffle between BJP MP, MLA resurfaces with FAKE claim

Hence, the above information proves that the viral video is old.

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