Christmas Gifts Every Person Had Wished To Get From Santa

As Christmas is approaching, it takes us down memory lane when we actually believed that Santa and his reindeer came with gifts for children. For one moment let us believe that Santa is real and he’ll come to our house so imagine what would we ask him:

1. An expensive voucher to shop at your favorite clothing store


So you can shop till the store gets closed!

2. A kick-ass smartphone with all the features you have ever wanted!


Gorgeous selfies, fast-speed internet, and calling features! All you need is a good phone!

3. An all-paid-for vacation


Work hard and party, even more, harder!

4. A concert ticket to your favorite band!


Music is therapeutic, isn’t it?

5. A room full of books all to ourselves


A personal library to ourselves, what else do we need at the end of the year?


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