Fact Check: Did Elon Musk Tweet This After Trump’s Reinstatement on Twitter? Here’s the Truth

After Elon Musk’s decision to reinstate former US President Donald Trump on Twitter, a screenshot of a tweet purportedly shared by the official Twitter handle of Elon Musk is widely shared on social media.

The tweet reads: “If you don’t like Trump’s reinstatement or the way I’m running Twitter or getting several daily push notifications from my account, then delete the app. For as much as you’re all stomping and crying, I know you won’t because you’re a bunch of babies addicted to the drama.”

Here’s the link to the viral post.  


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be FALSE. 

We could not find any credible media report corroborating the viral claim. Had he made any such statement, mainstream media would have definitely covered it. 

The official Twitter handle of Elon Musk also does not have any such tweet dated November 20. We did a Twitter advanced search with the keyword “delete”, but the last tweet was dated July 14. 

An archived version of Musk’s deleted posts compiled on PolitiTweet similarly did not reveal the viral statement. 

Searching further, we found Donald Trump’s statement that “he had no interest in returning to Twitter.”

Thus, it is evident that a fabricated screenshot of Elon Musk is being shared with misleading claims. 

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