What Is a Narco Test, Which Will Be Given To Aftab Poonawalla?

New Delhi: A Delhi Court on Friday ordered to conduct a ‘narco test’ for Aaftab Amin Poonawala in the gruesome Shradha Walkar killing case.

In the harrowing case, Aftab continues to unravel shocking details, but as Ponawalla is changing his statements to mislead the police, Investigators claim that a narco test is necessary as the part of the probe.

What is a Narco Test? 

Narco analysis tests involve the injection of sodium pentothal, which is also called truth serum.

The administration of this drug lowers an individual’s self-consciousness, thereby allowing them to speak without restrictions.

This takes place when the person becomes less self-conscious and enters a hypnotic state. This stage allows examiners to question the subject and get real answers and is done only under the observation of a psychologist, investigating officer, or forensic expert.

It is said to be an alternative to other commonly known third-degree treatments used by investigating departments. But in the for Aftab Ponawalla, the Delhi court directed the Investigation Officer (IO) not to use any third-degree measures.

The test is conducted only after the subject is found medically fit; the person is injected with the hypnotic Sodium Pentothal, also known as Thiopentone. The dosage depends on their age, gender, and other medical conditions.

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