Wondering What To Buy For Diwali Preparations? Here’s A Diwali Shopping Guide

Diwali is almost here! it’s time to give your house a festive makeover. With festivity around the corner, it’s also the time to buy your favorite dress and jewellery along with gifts for your loved ones. After all, Diwali is all about bringing something new into your life and celebrating together.

Here are some of the essentials that you can add to your offline or online Diwali shopping list and welcome Diwali 2022 with a new zeal!

Diwali puja Items

Let’s tick the puja items from our list first. If you have done it before, you know what you will need. But if you are doing the puja for the first time, ask a family member to help you out since every region has different rituals. Jot down the items with flowers, sweets, Ganpati and Laxmi idols, Red nad Yellow silk cloths. You can order everything in advance and get the flowers and sweets a day before the puja.

Rangoli items

Rangoli is a must in every house during Diwali, whether you love making it with colours or flowers or just by pasting stickers. If you are planning to have some beautiful and colourful rangoli this year’s Diwali, you can get the colours of your choice, organic colour are also trendy. You can get colours anywhere at the Diwali street markets. If you are not in a mood to use colours, go for flowers, chalk powder, coloured pasta or Epsom salt. Just choose the one that best suits your requirement and make a beautiful Rangoli to jazz up your decor.

Diwali decoration items

You can go for some fancy decorations or something simple. In case you are wondering, here are what you need to buy for this year’s Diwali lights shopping; diyas, lamps, toran, lights, DIY products and paper bag luminaries. When it comes to Diwali decoration shopping, the possibilities can be endless. So we suggest, make a list and stick to it! You can also reuse most of these decor items for other festivals. Most of the the decorations can be kept for the next year.

Curtains/ Bedsheets

The next thing to add to your shopping checklist is curtains, pillow covers, bedsheets, and anything that instantly makes the house look fresh. Curtains and vibrant pillows play a great role in enhancing the entire look of the room. Whatever you do, aim to keep it elegant and eye-pleasing! You can also include tablemats, sofa covers and rugs on the list.

Diwali outfit

Diwali shopping is incomplete without a Diwali outfit. Buying a new Diwali outfit has been an age-old tradition and it still exists. Besides, who doesn’t love shopping! Go ahead, select the brightest kurta, lehenga, salwar suit, saree or ghagra. You can go for a western look, but traditional clothes are the best for the event!

Diwali jewelries

What is a Diwali without gold ornaments? If you dig the history of this occasion, you will know that gold is symbolic of Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings. This is the reason why people buy gold ornaments on this auspicious occasion. In case you are wondering, no, you don’t have to buy those heavy necklaces that can cost a fortune! You can go for the simple ones just for the occasion’s sake. And the bonus is, it will look outstanding with your Diwali outfit. If you don’t like wearing gold ornaments, just add a gold coin to your list and stick to the jewelries you like!

New home appliances

It’s time to get those new appliances home. Discard those old steel vessels, utensils, and storage containers and get hold of new ones. Give your kitchen a good makeover with energy-saving appliances readily sold in the market. You can easily get them from nearby markets or online stores at reasonable prices! Dhanteras is the best occasion to buy utensils and even gold.


If you are setting up a Diwali party, you need to entertain your guests with some Diwali games! Games can add fun to the day, you can get a Jenga set, pictionary game, ludo, cards, never have I ever game and much more.

Diwali gift for guests

You can buy Diwali gifts online because that way you will get a lot of options and great deals as well. Coming to gift ideas, sweets can never go wrong in this aspect. Dry fruits, and chocolates are a common gift on occasion as well. Surprise your guests with something out of the box like cosmetics, perfume, coffee mugs and tea sets.

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