Why Do Women Celebrate Karwa Chauth? Here’s All You Need to Know

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Karwa Chauth is celebrated with much fanfare, especially in the Northern part of India where married women observe a day-long fast for the long lives of their husbands.

This year, it will be celebrated on October 13.

History of the festival

The origin of Karwa Chauth can be traced back to Mahabharata when Savitri begged Lord Yama, the god of death, for her husband’s soul.

Another episode in the epic talks about Pandavas and their wife Draupadi, stating that Arjuna went to the Nilgiris to pray and meditate for a few days, worried about his safety Draupadi sought her brother Krishna’s help. He advised her to observe a strict fast just like Goddess Parvati did for her husband Shiva’s safety. Draupadi adhered to it, and soon Arjuna returned home safely.

Why do women celebrate Karwa Chauth?

Women pray for their husbands’ well-being and worship Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Lord Kartikeya, and Goddess Parvati.

On Karwa Chauth, women break the fast only after sighting the moon through a sieve. The day is also known as Karak Chaturthi, and refers to the earthen pot through which a water offering, known as Argha is made to the moon. Karwa is very significant during Puja and it is also given as daan to the Brahmin or any eligible woman.

Karwa Chauth 2022: Puja Timing

  • Date: – 13 October 2022
  • Day: – Thursday
  • Time: – Karwa Chauth is celebrated on Kartik Mass of krishna paksh of chaturthi tithi (Starting from 1:59 am of 13 Oct 2022 and Ending on 3:08 am of 14 Oct).
  • Puja Timing: – 6:01 Pm to 7:15 pm

Moonrise Time

New Delhi – 08:24 pm

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