US National Security Strategy Is Out, Here Is What It Entails

Washington: The Biden administration made it clear yet again, that containing Russia and China will be the pivotal focus for the US as it released its national security strategy. It will also seek to deepen the confluence of democracies as the US seeks to regain its global influence.

The strategy has underscored the need to expand ties with India as a key partner in Asia and in Indo Pacific. However, India will have to look for newer strands to cement the partnership, with swift implementation of promises and key strategic goals.

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Here are the Key Takeaways:

  • The declassified version of the document talks about strengthening India and US relations.
  • The document added, “As India is the world’s largest democracy and a major defence partner, the US and India will work together, bilaterally and multilaterally, to support our shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific,”.
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  • The administration aims to enhance partners’ resilience to transnational challenges, including climate and biological threats.
  • The United States comes together with Quad leaders from Japan, India & Australia to address regional challenges and demonstrates its ability to deliver for the Indo-Pacific.
Quad Leaders Meet
  • The US identifies China as a “major threat to the American National Security” while Russia poses an immediate and ongoing threat to the regional security order in Europe.
  • China is using its technological capacity and increasing influence over international institutions to create more permissive conditions for its own authoritarian model.
  • Towards China, the US aims to a) invest in the foundational strength at home, (b) Align efforts with the network of allies, (C) Compete with China to defend the national interest.

  • The document adds “Russia now poses an immediate and persistent threat to international peace and stability. This is not about a struggle between the West and Russia. It is about the fundamental principles of the UN Charter,”.


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