This Airline Bans Active AirTag On Flight, Here Is Why

Germany-based Lufthansa airline has banned Apple AirTags from luggage, citing danger to air travel.

Lufthansa argues that baggage trackers fall in the category of portable electronic devices, and are therefore subject to dangerous goods regulations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The airlines confirmed it in a recent tweet saying “banning activated AirTags from luggage as they are classified as dangerous and need to be turned off.”

Lufthansa mentioned airline guidelines as a reason to ban the AirTags. “According to ICAO guidelines, baggage trackers are subject to the dangerous goods regulations. Furthermore, due to their transmission function, the trackers must be deactivated during the flight if they are in checked baggage and cannot be used as a result,” it noted.

The AirTag is one of the most used devices for air travellers to track their luggage in real-time. It helps them track their luggage in case it gets misplaced or if it’s mishandled by the airline during their journey. Lufthansa is the first to ban them.

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