Fact Check: This Viral Video Does NOT Show Recent Flood in Nainital Lake

A video of an overflowing lake is widely shared on social media. In the video, people can be seen walking in knee-deep water. It is being claimed that the Nainital lake has swollen and its Mall Road is flooded.

The video is shared with a caption: “Nainital Mall Road par bhari barish hone se aaj bhot jyada paani bhar gaya , filhaal trip na banayen.” (English translation: “Due to heavy rain, Nainital Mall Road is flooded. Do not plan for a trip at this point.”)

The link to the post can be seen here.


NewsMobile did the fact-check, and found it to be misleading.

We found no media reports to suggest that there was a recent flood in Nainital.

A similar video had been also uploaded by The Times of India on October 20, 2021, with a caption: “As unprecedented rainfall battered Uttarakhand, drowning houses and people, precipitating floods and washing away bridges, the official death toll climbed to over 40 on October 20, with the worst-hit district of Nainital recording at least 28 casualties. Several people have been reported missing, and the actual toll is likely to be higher.”

A YouTube channel had also uploaded the video footage of the incident on November 18, 2021 with a caption: “Nainital flood.”

Nainital Police had also refuted the viral claim through a Facebook post. The post reads: “कुछ असामाजिक शरारती तत्वों द्वारा सोशल मीडिया पर नैनीताल के मॉल रॉड का पुराना वीडियो प्रसारित किया जा रहा है जिसमें नैनीताल की मॉल रोड व नैनी झील में बेतहाशा पानी भरा हुआ नजर आ रहा है। कृपया अवगत कराना है कि यह वीडियो पुराना है। वर्तमान में नैनी झील का जल स्तर व मॉलरोड की स्थिति सामान्य है।जिस भी अराजक व्यक्ति द्वारा वर्तमान में इस प्रकार के वीडियो या फोटो वायरल किये जा रहे है उनके विरुद्ध आपदा अधिनियम के दृष्टिगत सुसंगत धाराओं में कार्यवाही की जाएगी। समस्त सम्मानित जनता से अपील है कि पुख्ता जानकरी के अभाव में किसी भी ऐसे वीडियो, फ़ोटो व भ्रामक तथ्यों का प्रचार प्रसार न किया जाय।” (English translation: “Some anti-social element have shared an old video of Nainital Mall road where the Mall road and Naini lake are seen flooded. This video is old. Recently, the water level of both these places are normal. Strict action will be taken against the people who are sharing these old videos.”)

Hence, we can ascertain that the viral claim is misleading.

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