Kerala Bride’s Pothole-Photoshoot Goes Viral

You must have seen many creative wedding photoshoots, but bet you never seen a photoshoot with potholes!

You heard it right, this Kerala bride and the photographer staged a photoshoot on a road full of potholes and became an internet sensation.

To draw attention to the problem of potholes in the area, the two decided to do a photoshoot. Despite the road being totally filled with potholes with in muddy water, the woman is seen gracefully walking around while wearing a stunning red sari. The photographer is seen capturing the moment from a distance.

The clip was shared on Instagram with the caption “Bridal photoshoot in the middle of road.” Since the clip is being shared on social media, it has amassed more than 4.1 million views and 3.6 lakh likes on Instagram.


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