Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Starts Campaign Asking Britain To Return Kohinoor

Image Source: Twitter

New Delhi: With the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, a campaign to bring the marvelous jewel of India “Kohinoor” back into the country was kickstarted by the founder of Vista Capital Venkatesh Shukla.

Venkatesh Shukla with PM Modi and other leading tech leaders at a digital India event (First from right)

The rich history of the 105-carat-oval-shaped jewel sits on the crown made for the mother of Queen Elizabeth.

Venkatesh Shukla took to LinkedIn and started a campaign to get atleast a million signatures on ‘’ website. He further added that “on January 26, 2023, we should all go to the closest Embassy / Consulate / High Commission of the UK, wherever we are in the world and present this petition to them – peacefully and honourably.”

Link to the Petition

The famous marvel diamond was mined in Andhra Pradesh during the 12th-14th centuries. Maharaja Ranjith Singh brought it back to India after being possessed by several Mughal emperors over the years. According to reports, the Britishers seized Kohinoor during the infamous Annexation of Punjab.

Venkatesh Shukla further added that “UK is an honourable country and let us remind it that the honourable thing to do is to return such “loot” to its rightful owner.”

Shukla is a former civil servant from India who has been a prolific startup advisor and mentor based in California.


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