King Charles III Pays Tribute To His ‘Darling Mama’ In His First Address

London: Britain’s King Charles III addressed a nation on Friday in mourning following the death of his mother and the country’s figurehead, Queen Elizabeth II.

The death of Britain’s Queen, the UK’s longest-reigning monarch has drawn condolences from around the world.

In his moving and poignant speech, King Charles talked of his “dear Mama’s journey” and started with “I speak to you today with feelings of profound sorrow.” His address also included both sons William and Harry and wife Camilla.

He addressed, “Throughout her life, HM the Queen, my beloved mother, was an inspiration and example to me and to all my family. We owe her the most heartfelt debt any family could owe to their mother, for her love, affection, guidance and example.”

He continued as he spoke of the sacrifices his mother made throughout her 70-year reign, “Her dedication and devotion as sovereign never wavered, through times of change and progress, though times of joy and celebration, and through times of sadness and loss.”

King Charles went on to say, “Alongside the personal grief that all my family are feeling, we also share with so many of you in the United Kingdom, in all the countries where the Queen was head of state, in the Commonwealth and across the world, a deep sense of gratitude for the more than 70 years in which my mother as Queen served the people of so many nations.”

He recounted her early year of 1947, on the Queen’s 21st birthday, she pledged in a broadcast from Cape Town to the Commonwealth to devote her life, whether it be short or long, to the service of her people.

He then noted, “That was more than a promise. It was a profound personal commitment, which defined her whole life.”

He emphasized that “the affection, admiration and respect she inspired” had become the hallmark of her monarchy.

The King paid his respects to the late Queen and took on his duties as the new monarch.

“As the Queen herself did with such unswerving devotion, I too now solemnly pledge myself throughout the remaining time God grants me, to uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our nation.” He added, “I shall endeavor to serve you with loyalty, respect and love, as I have throughout my life.”

He also officially announced his wife Camilla’s new title, “This is also a time of change for my family. I count on the loving help of my darling wife Camilla. In recognition of her own loyal public service since our marriage 17 years ago, she becomes my Queen Consort.”

He also announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton will take on the duties of the Prince and Princess of Wales, a title which was previously held by Princess Diana.

The King for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said, “I express my love for Prince Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

Charles ended his address to the nation by sending a message to his darling mother as he said, “And to my darling Mama, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late Papa, I want simply to say this: thank you. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have served so diligently all these years. May ‘flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.”

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