Fact Check: R Madhavan Didn’t Sell His House to Fund Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

R Madhavan’s much-awaited directorial debut Rocketry: The Nambi Effect — finally hit the screens on July 1, 2022, and is faring well with the Indian audience. The biopic is about the Indian rocket scientist, Nambi Narayanan, with Madhavan in the lead role as a scientist. 

Against this backdrop, a viral post claiming that Madhavan sold his house in order to fund the movie is doing the rounds on social media. Many users have shared the post, claiming that the original director of the movie had to back out from the project, and then Madhavan had to pick up mid-way, during which he sold his house due to lack of funds. 

A Facebook user posted the viral picture with a caption:  The Independence Day is just around the corner. But it’s just an event if we only talk about with a Tricolour in our hand. Here’s a true story I thought I should share with you guys. And more so, because it’s by someone from our own industry. R Madhavan sold his house to fund Rocketry and directed this movie when the original director had opted out due to prior commitments. He had to do other projects just to fund this movie. He had been working on this project for six years. All of this for bringing out the story of a great Indian scientist who had been charged for espionage. On another note, his son, Vedaant, is winning medals for the nation in swimming. These are the role models that the nation needs. Vande Mataram Maddy!!

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NewsMobile fact-checked the viral claim, and found it to be false. 

We were not able to find even a single source backing this claim. If the actor had sold his house, it would have been breaking news and the media would definitely have covered it. 

On the contrary, we found multiple news articles informing that the news about the actor selling his house is false. Prominent media houses like NDTV, ABP News, The Indian Express, and Dainik Jagran published articles online quashing the rumours.  

The Indian Express, in its August 17, 2022 article, mentions that the rumour was quashed by Madhavan himself on his Twitter handle @ActorMadhavanHe mentioned that he did not lose his house or anything and is still living in the same house. He further added that everyone involved with Rocketry will be paying more income taxes from all the profits that they have made. 

Therefore, we can conclusively say that the viral claims about R Madhavan selling his house to fund Rocketry are totally false.

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