Japanese Guy Shijo Morimoto Gets Paid To ‘Do Nothing’

Image Source: @morimotoshijo

Tokyo: With rampant development and the fast pace of life, the capital city of Japan has turned into a lonely place for its residents. People have been struggling with social anxiety which has gone worse post COVID.

Shoji Morimoto, a 39-years-old man from Tokyo provides a unique rental service for his clients. He is Japan’s ‘Do nothing guy’. Quite literally, Shoji gets paid around 69 pounds (₹6,641) for eating, drinking, and giving feedback (if requested) to the clients.

During an interview with the BBC, he added that “I’m the ‘rental nanmo shinai hito (the so-nothing guy)’. I don’t start a conversation unless they (his clients) say something,”.

According to another report by The Independent, he claims to have provided his services to divorcee clients, accompanying them to lunches and even waving them goodbye while they board trains.

Shoji has gained a lot of traction across social media platforms for providing a unique range of services. He has further got a television series and a book inspired by him.

According to an interview, Shijo claims to meet a wide variety of personalities and characters. He further added that people want his services to avoid being lonesome or visiting a place alone.

He has a postgraduate degree in Physics from Osaka University. He further added that he tried to build a traditional career before starting his innovative service.


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