Taiwan Lashes Out At China, Calls Military Drills A ‘Gross Violation of International Laws’

Taipei: Amid the heightening tension between China and Taiwan post the visit of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Taiwan Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu said that the military drills around Taiwan by China are a gross violation of Taiwan’s rights under international law.

The minister in a statement added that the drills have severe impacts on the international transportation, trade, and shipping routes in Taiwan and the country “strongly condemns China’s extremely irresponsible behavior.”

The statement further added that “China has taken specific actions to break the long-standing tacit agreement on the median line of Taiwan Strait.”

Talking about China’s range of missile tests, the statement added that “China’s real intention behind these military exercises is to alter the status-quo in Taiwan Strait and the entire region.” These actions have led to several unstable elements added to the mix which leads to threats to regional security.

The minister further added that Taiwan has a right to maintain relationships with other countries and China has no right to interfere in these matters.

The statement further mentioned that “Taiwan’s people, society, military and government have displayed resilience and confidence.” It further added that China’s continued attempts to intimidate Taiwan will not panic them.


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