Fact Check: Unrelated Video Falsely Linked to Nancy Pelosi’s Recent Taiwan Visit

Despite China’s continuous warning, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, making it the first high-level meeting in 25 years. There were also reports of Chinese military firing multiple missiles around Taiwan.

Against this backdrop, a video showing numerous planes flying over an ocean is widely shared on social media, claiming the arrival of Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan with the US Air Force One. 

The video is shared on Facebook with a caption: “Arrival of US Air Force One in Taiwan with US official Nancy Pelosi. 20 Warplanes were escorting Nancy Pelosi’s plane, including US fighter jets. US Air Force was authorised to open fire in case of any Chinese interference on the plane carrying Nancy Pelosi. Seems like the US Govt. & Army has “Spit” directly on the face of Xi Jinping by landing a US Air Force plane in Taiwan despite an open threat by China to shoot down the plane if it enters Taiwan air space. AND CHINA KEPT ON WATCHING…..Incredible courage.”

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be MISLEADING. 

Using the InVid Tool, we found a YouTube channel that carried the same viral video on April 15, 2021. This clearly means that the viral video is old and not related to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. 

Below is the comparison between the screengrab of the viral video and YouTube video. 

Moreover,  Nancy Pelosi exactly landed in Taiwan at 10:30 during the night. This clearly means that the viral video does not show Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. 

Thus, it is evident that an old video is shared on social media with a false claim that it shows US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent Taiwan visit. 

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