India’s First Monkeypox Patient Completely Recovers

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Health Minister Veena George on Saturday confirmed that India’s first Monkeypox patient who was being treated at a Government Medical College has completely recovered from the disease.

The patient, a 35-years-old, hailed from Kollam, is likely to be discharged later during the day. According to a report by PTI, the patient was being tested twice at an interval of 72 hours as per the instructions of the National Institute of Virology (NIV).

The Health Minister further added that “All samples were negative twice. The patient is physically and mentally healthy. The skin bumps are completely cured. He will be discharged today,”.

She further assured that the family members of the patient who were in contact with him have also tested negative. She further added that the health condition of other patients remains satisfactory.

The Kollam native, who had returned to Kerala from abroad and was hospitalized after showing symptoms of monkeypox, tested positive for the disease on July 14.

According to WHO, Monkeypox is on rising and has emerged as the most important orthopoxvirus for public health.

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