Monkeypox: Centre Issues Advisory On Symptoms, Precautions Against Disease

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New Delhi: As India confirms the fourth case of Monkeypox in the country, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued advisories in connection with the virus.

According to the report, the common symptoms of Monkeypox are fever, skin rashes ranging from the face and spreading to arms, legs, palms, and soles, lymph node enlargement, headache, and body pain with sore throat and cough.

Measures to take in case of Contact with an Infected Individual:

The Ministry added that an individual who has a history of exposure to a suspected or confirmed case of monkeypox in the last 21 days should monitor their health and should seek medical attention if they exhibit any of the abovementioned symptoms.

How can Monkeypox be Transmitted?

  • Reports suggest that the virus is spread primarily through human-to-human contact.
  • The virus might spread through direct physical contact with bodily fluids, sexual contact, or lesion material.
  • Indirect contact might also lead to spread through contaminated clothing or linens of the affected person.
  • MoH further added that large respiratory droplets as a result of prolonged closed contact.

The Ministry further issued Guidelines to follow if someone contacted Monkeypox:

  • Isolate the affected individual from the family and the patient must be managed in isolation.
  • Efforts are to be made to minimize the infected individual’s exposure to surrounding areas by covering their nose and mouth with a mask and skin lesions with a sheet or gown.
  • It is important to inform health facilities in the area.
  • Avoid contact with contaminated materials such as bleeding clothes or towels used by the individual.
  • People need to maintain hand hygiene using soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizers.


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