Amber Heard Alleges Wrong Juror Part Of Her Defamation Case, Seeks New Trial

Washington: Amber Heard has filed a fresh plea seeking a mistrial on defamation against Johnny Depp.

The lawyers representing Amber Heard alleged that a wrong juror was part of the jury during her trial. The lawyers further added that the inclusion of a wrong juror during her trial has violated her rights to fair and just due process in the court of law.

According to an Associated Press report, the juror is quoted as “potential improper jury service”. The report further added the details of the document filed by her lawyers stating “documents given to the attorney for jury selection, the person was listed as being born in 1945, but the public information showed that the guy who showed up to the trial was born in 1970”.

The document further adds that a 77-year-old was selected randomly for being part of the jury but instead a 52-year-old attended the trial who has the same last name and lives at the same address.

Earlier this week, the lawyers representing Amber Heard filed another document citing that the penalty of $10 million in compensatory damage and $5 million in punitive damage to Johnny Depp was ‘excessive’ and ‘indefensible’.


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