Fact Check: ‘Pak Zindabad’ Slogans Were Not Raised In MP’s Katni; Don’t Fall For The FAKE News

A video has surfaced on the internet showing a crowd raising slogans. It has been claimed that the people in the video were raising slogans ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ (long live Pakistan) in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh, in support of the winning sarpanch candidate.

The above post can be seen here.

Several mainstream media outlets carried the video with the same claim.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above video, and found that the claim is false.

On carefully listening to the slogans, we noted that people were actually saying ‘Jeet Gaya Bhai Jeet Gaya… Wajid Bhai Jeet Gaya’ and ‘Wajid Bhai Zindabad’. 

In the above slow-motion version of the video, it is clear that there was no mention of Pakistan.

Shaikh Shahid Wajid (Wajid Bhai) is the husband of winning panchayat poll candidate Rahisha Bagam, and the slogans were being raised in support of her husband.

Meanwhile, we came across a video byte on Twitter, dated July 3, 2022, by @KashifKakvi, in which Shaikh Shahid Wajid refuted the claims of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans being raised outside his residence.

Local police have also launched an investigation into the matter.

In conclusion, the above findings establish that the video in question is being circulated with a false claim and no ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans were raised.

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