LPG Cylinder Gets Costlier By ₹50, Checkout Rates Here

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New Delhi: In a major announcement, the cost of domestic Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) weighing 14.2 kgs will get costlier by ₹50 per unit from Wednesday.

With the recent hike, the cost of an LPG in Delhi will now cost ₹1,053 per unit.

The Indian Oil Corporation confirmed that the price in Kolkata will now stand at ₹1,079. Chennai will now get an LPG cylinder for ₹1,068.5 and the price in Mumbai will stand at ₹1,079 from Wednesday.

The last revision of prices took place in the month of May 2022. The rate of 19 Kgs units was slashed by ₹8.5 per unit on Tuesday.

The price of a 5 kgs unit of the domestic cylinder has also been raised by ₹18 per unit.


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