Fact Check: Goldy Brar Was Not Thrashed In Canada; Here’s The Truth Behind This Video

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala was assassinated on May 29, 2022. After his death, Goldy Brar, a Canada-based gangster, took responsibility for killing Moose Wala. In the above context, a video has gone viral on social media, showing some people beating a man. The video is shared with a caption that the man is Brar.

It is shared with a caption that reads, “ਘੜੀਸ-ਘੜੀਸ ਕੁੱਟਿਆ ਕੈਨੇਡਾ ‘ਚ ਮੁੰਡਾ ਕਹਿੰਦੇ ”ਗੈਂਗਸਟਰ ਗੋਲਡੀ ਬਰਾੜ” ਆ? ਦੇਖੋ ਮੌਕੇ ‘ਤੇ ਬਣੀ ਵੀਡੀਓ ! Live ਅਪਡੇਟ.” (English translation: The boy who was beaten up in Canada is Gangster Goldie Brar? Watch the video made on the spot! Live updates)

The link to the post can be seen here.


NewsMobile did the fact-check, and found it to be fake.

On doing a Google Reverse Image Search, we found the same video, uploaded by a Facebook page on June 28, 2022, with a caption that reads: “Hassan Goldy(Tik Toker).”

We also found a report published by Punjabi news channel Rozana Spokesperson on June 29, 2022. The report suggested that the viral video is not related to Goldy Brar. Instead, it shows Pakistani TikTok star, Hassan Goldy.

Hassan Goldy had also uploaded an Instagram video, explaining that he was beaten up by people close to him due to personal reasons. However, he did not mention the reason for such treatment.


Hence, we can ascertain that the viral video is shared with a fake claim.

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