Five Hacks That Will Help You Travel On A Budget

Who doesn’t dream to travel the world and experience life all around but when thinking about the budget this dream starts to get foggy, isn’t it? Need help? Say no more because here are 5 hacks that will help you travel without loading your pocket.

Stay in Hostels

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Hostels are now present in almost all the cities and are the best option for long stays when on a budget. There are both mixed dorms and female dorms available and you can choose as per your comfort. The dormitories are of different capacities like- 4 beds, 6 beds, 10 beds, etc. 

What about your important entities? Storage of all such items can be done in the lockers that are provided inside dorms and it is best if you carry your lock for these.



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Various cafes, hostels and restaurants offer volunteering opportunities where you can work on their outlet and in return, they offer you free meals and stays. This can be different for various outlets, but you can always save a lot of your expenses by this hack and will also get to network with localities and visitors from around the world. Most of these opportunities don’t need any extraordinary experience but you must have some basic management skills that they can benefit from.


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Oftentimes, while travelling by road we book taxis which burdens our pockets, this can be avoided if you opt for carpooling or even taxi pooling. Both of these will enable you to travel places and cut down your travel expenses up to 60% of the amount you would have paid if you were taking a ride alone.

This also cuts down on traffic and reduces carbon emissions, doubling the benefits.


Ditch Airway

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Travelling via flights is always much more expensive than travelling via road or railways. When on a budget, it is best to travel via train or bus, although it takes longer to reach the destination, it is worth it. Using public transportation to travel locally will also be beneficial.


Advance Booking

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Booking of accommodation, convenience and utilities tend to cost more at the last moment, therefore, to save some extra cash you should always book at least 3 months prior. Additionally, flights tend to be 2x cheaper when booking in advance. Always book budget airlines.


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