Fact Check: Did 34 Nations Extend Support To Suspended BJP Leader Nupur Sharma? Here’s The Truth

Amid ongoing protests in India and abroad over suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s controversial statement on Prophet Mohammad, a claim is doing rounds on social media suggesting that 34 nations including Russia, Netherlands, France and Israel have extended their support to Sharma.

The claim in Hindi reads: “रूस नीदरलैंड फ्रांस इजरायल सहित कुल 34 देशों ने नुपुर शर्मा और भारत का समर्थन किया।।। जय श्री राम”

(English Translation: “A total of 34 countries including Russia, Netherlands, France, Israel have supported Nupur Sharma and India. Long live Ram”

The above post can be seen here.

The same tweet was also attributed to Major General (Retd) GB Bakshi.

The tweet can be seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be false as we could not find any official statement by any country supporting Nupur Sharma.

Upon running a relevant Google search we did not find any news report corroborating the viral claim that 34 countries have supported the suspended BJP leader.

However, Dutch politician, Geert Wilders (member of the opposition), did Tweet in support of Sharma, but the Netherlands did not release any official statement on the matter.

Hence, we can conclude that the claim of 34 nations supporting Nupur Sharma is False.

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