Fact Check: 2019 Video From Yamen Falsely Linked With Protests Over Prophet Remarks

A video has surfaced on social media platforms showing a huge crowd with a claim that it shows visuals of a recent protest against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks on the Prophet.

The video was shared with the caption: “उम्मत को मुत्तिहद करने के लिए! आज भी मेरे आका मुहम्मद ﷺ का नाम ही काफी है!! #LabbaikYaRasoolAllah #OurProphetOurHonour #मुहम्मद_ﷺ” (English Translation: Worshiping the Ummah! Even today the name of my master Muhammad is enough. #LabbaikYaRasoolAllah #OurProphetOurHonour #मुहम्मद_ﷺ)


Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post, and found that the video is being shared with a false claim.

We extracted the keyframes of the video and put them through a Reverse Image Search. The search led us to the same video which was uploaded on YouTube in November 2019. According to the video title, the visuals are of Eid Milad-un-Nabi the celebration of Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday.

The title also mentioned that the video is from Yemen.

Taking a cue from this, we ran a keyword search and found that similar visuals were also uploaded by VoA in November 2019, with the title: “Muslims in Yemen Celebrate Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday”

The video description read: “Tens of thousands of Yemenis and Houthi supporters gather in Sana’a to mark Prophet Mohammad’s birthday, Saturday, November 9 (2019).  Streets were decorated with green and white flags as well as lights several days prior to the rally…”

Dhamar News, a media outlet based in Yemen also shared the images of the celebration in 2019.

Thus based on the above information, it is clear that the viral video is from 2019 and is not related to the recent protests.

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