Fact Check: Does This Video Show Chinese Robots Dancing At Shanghai Disneyland? Here’s The Truth

A video of a dance performance is doing rounds on social media with the claim that it shows two Chinese robots dancing at Shanghai Disneyland.

The Facebook post read, “यह लङका लङकी नहीं है यह रोबोट है, डिज़्नीलैंड शंघाई के थियेटर में काम कर रहे हैं इसे देखने के लिए 75 डालर की टिकट है, खरीदने में चार घंटे लग जाते हैं, देखने में पाँच मिनट का शो है। “

(English Translation: They are not a guy and a girl, it’s a robot, working in a Disneyland Shanghai theatre, $75 ticket to see it, takes four hours to buy, and a five-minute show to watch)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to be false.

We extracted the keyframes of the video using the InVid tool and put them through Reverse Image Search. The search led us to a similar video which was uploaded on YouTube by a channel called Bachata. Dima and Dilara.

We scanned the channel and found multiple videos of the duo on their YouTube channel.

We then ran a search and found the link to their Instagram page and website. As per the website, the Russian couple performs bachata dance and teaches the same dance form.

We found that the clip from the viral video was also shared on their Insta page in August 2020. The caption of the post read, “From Bachata Stars Weekend classes,” while the location tag read Moscow, Russia.

NewsMobile had earlier debunked similar videos which were being shared with the same claim.

Fact Check: Does This Video Show Chinese Robots Performing Indian Classical Dance? Here’s The Truth

Fact Check: No! This Video Does NOT Show Robots Dancing At Shanghai Disneyland; Claim Is Fake

Hence, from the above post, it is clear that the video is being shared with a false claim.

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