Fact Check: Message About Govt Providing Financial Aid Of Rs 30,628 To Every Citizen Is FAKE

A message is being circulated online with a claim that the government is providing aid of Rs 30,628 to every Indian citizen to battle the rising prices of items as per eligibility. The post also asks users to register themselves on the link provided in the post.

The message read: “After the surge in prices, the government decided to give the Indian people an amount of (Rs 30,628) for every citizen who meets the conditions as an aid to the poor class to overcome the crisis. Enter and register now and make sure to register correctly”

Here’s the link to the post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be fake.

Firstly we opened the link and found that it does NOT direct us to any official government website. We noted that the website interface was nothing like a regular government website and the domain name was also not .gov, .org or .in.

The website just had the message ‘After taking into consideration the financial crisis experienced by the Indian people, the Ministry of Finance decided to give every citizen an amount of (Rs 30,628) to reduce the severity of the crisis’

It should be noted that the official website of India’s Ministry of Finance is https://finmin.nic.in/.

On the website, once you enter the name, it asks you to ‘send the message to 15 friends or 5 groups on WhatsApp’. It also claims that once this step is done, the withdrawal process would start.

These are a clear indication that the link provided in the post is of a fictitious website.

On further investigation, we found a tweet by Press Information Bureau (PIB), the government’s nodal information agency, dated May 23, 2022. In the tweet, they clarified that the viral message is fake.

The tweet read, “A message with a link ‘https://bit.ly/3P7CiPY’ is doing the rounds on social media and is claiming to offer financial aid of ₹30,628 in the name of the Ministry of Finance to every citizen. #PIBFactCheck… This message is FAKE… No such aid is announced by @FinMinIndia”

Thus, based on the above information, it is clear that the viral message is FAKE.

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