DGCA Imposes ₹5 Lakh Fine On IndiGo For Denying Boarding To Specially Abled Child

New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) confirmed that IndiGo airline has been found deficient in handling the special child by the ground staff.

IndiGo Airlines has been fined ₹5 lakh for mishandling the child in Ranchi Airport by the IndiGo airline ground staff.

DGCA in a statement said that “ Based on the findings during the inquiry, a show-cause notice was issued to IndiGo Airlines through its authorized representative, in connection with a special child offloading case in Ranchi.”

The statement further added that “In view of this, the Competent Authority in DGCA has decided to impose a penalty of Rs 5 lakhs on the airline under the provisions of the relevant Aircraft Rules.”

In the official statement stated that “A more compassionate handling would have smoothened the nerves, calmed the child and would have obviated the need for extreme step resulting in denied boarding of the passenger.” The statement further added that the airline failed to rise up to the occasion and in the process committed lapses in adherence to the letter and spirit of the Civil Aviation Requirements.


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