Cases Of B.A.4 & B.A.5 Variant Of Omicron Confirmed In Maharashtra

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Mumbai: Four cases of B.A. 4 variant and three cases of B.A. 5 variant of Omicron have been detected in Maharashtra, informed the state health department on Saturday.

All of them had only mild symptoms and were treated at home, the officail added.

Centre on May 22nd confirmed the presence of BA.4 and BA.5 in India.

“The whole genome sequencing was conducted by the Institute of Science Education and Research, and its finding has been confirmed by the Indian Biological Data Centre in Faridabad. As many as seven patients, all from Pune, were detected with the infection of the sub-lineage of Omicron,” the official said.

“Four patients have the infection of B.A. 4 variant while others have contracted the B.A. 5. Four of them are men and three women. Four patients are above 50 years of age while two are in 20-40 age group while one patient is a nine-year-old child,” he added.

“All the six adults have completed both the dosages of vaccine while one has taken the booster shot too. The child is unvaccinated. All of them had mild symptoms of COVID-19 and were treated successfully in home isolation,” the official said.

Their samples were collected between the 4th and the 18th of May. Two had visited South Africa and Belgium, while the other three had visited Kerala and Karnataka. According tp the pfficail, the other two patients had no recent travel history.


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