Fact Check: No New ₹500 Notes with Lord Ram’s Image

A picture of a ₹500 note has surfaced on the Internet with Lord Ram’s image inscribed on it, instead of Mahatma Gandhi. It has been claimed that it is the new ₹500 note.

The caption in Bangla reads: ভাৰতৰ নতুন পাঁচশ টকীয়া নোটত প্ৰভু শ্ৰী ৰাম চন্দ্ৰৰ ফটো।।
হয়নে/নহয় নাজানো।সছাঁনে বাৰু কথাটো।। কোনোবাই জানিলে ক’বচোন!!
জয় শ্ৰী ৰাম. 
(English translation: Photo of Lord Sri Rama Chandra on India’s new five hundred-rupee notes. I don’t know if it’s true. If anyone knows, please tell me!! Jai Shri Ram)

The post can be seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be untrue.

We began our investigation by scanning the official website of the Reserve bank of India (RBI) — issuing authority of banknotes. While there was no notification about the introduction of a new ₹500 note with Lord Ram picture, we noted the FAQ section on the RBI website clearly stating that the ‘Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series’ was the latest edition of banknotes, which were introduced in 2016 after the demonetisation of old ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes.

On digging further, we had put the picture in question through Reverse Image Search, which led us to the original picture on a stock photo website Shutterstock having Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait on ₹500 note.

So, it is clear that the above picture has been manipulated using photo-editing software to create the fake one. Putting all the findings together, now it is clear that there is no new ₹500 note with Lord Ram’s picture.

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