Snapchat Co-Founder Pays Off Student Loan For 284 Graduates

Image Source: Twitter

New Delhi: Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and his wife Miranda Kerr, on Monday, paid off student loans for 284 graduating students by donating $10 million, making it one of the largest donations in the college’s history.

Evan Spiegel and his wife Miranda Kerr were invited to accept an honorary degree from the college and give the commencement speech for the ceremony.

Charles Hirschhorn, the president of the Otis College of Art and Design said that “We know most of you and your families shared the burden of student debt at heavy prices that you paid for an exceptional Otis College education…So we are pleased to announce that Evan and Miranda through their Spiegel Family fund have made the largest single gift in the history of Otis College.”

Evan Spiegel and his wife in a statement mentioned that “extraordinary institution that encourages young creatives to find their artistic voices and thrive in a variety of industries and careers.”

The donation was made at a time when the loan debt is on rise in the United States.


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