Don’t Want To Suit-Up For A Meeting? Here’s How An AI Based App Can Still Make You Look Presentable

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In an era of ‘work from home’ when people attend meetings by video conferencing, a Tokyo-based startup come-up with an idea to make users look professional even when they had just rolled out of bed.

EmbodyMe app has developed a way to digitally generate a more polished version of the user using artificial intelligence.

In order use the app, users need to download EmbodyMe’s app to their computer and upload professional photos of themselves. Using AI, the app then generates a more polished version of their image and allows users to attend Zoom and Teams meetings looking like they are in a professional outfit.

In September 2020, a beta version of the EmbodyMe app was launched and following this, due to high demand, a complete version of the app was launched. The basic filter is free, but users have to shed out a monthly fee of $8 for recording and other capabilities.

The app relies on a range of complex technologies. It tracks 50,000 different points on users’ faces in 3D to detect shifts in expressions, which, combined with neural rendering, allows it to generate a natural-looking image on the screen.

It can reflect the users’ movements as well, including when they move closer to their camera.

(With inputs from Nikkei Asia report)


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