Imran Khan’s ‘Donkey’ Remark Goes Viral

Source: Imran Khan/YouTube

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is back in the spotlight as clips from his podcast of him explaining his life in the United Kingdom are circulating online, but one word, in particular, has piqued the internet’s interest. “A donkey remains a donkey.”

“I was very welcome in the UK but I never considered it my home. I was always a Pakistani first. A donkey doesn’t turn into a zebra just because you paint stripes on it.” Mr Khan is heard stating in the now-viral video. “A donkey remains a donkey,”

Cricketer-turned-politician was a student in Britain before his renowned cricket career, finishing his further education at a boarding school in Worcester before going on to get an Oxford degree. Telling about the story, Khan’s phrase went viral on the internet, which he also got trolled for.

It’s part of a podcast with Junaid Akram, a Pakistani content producer who moved from Dubai to Pakistan and runs the Instagram handle ‘ganjiswag.’

The full video has been uploaded on Mr Khan’s official YouTue Channel.


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