Five Ways To Set Up A Strong Password

Day to day life of an average guy is surrounded by technology and devices. Every browser you click asks you to create an account to use features that the website or the application has to offer. 

Keeping a strong password is not rocket science. Just a few basics to keep in mind and you can keep your accounts safe and secured. 

Here are a few basic points to keep in mind while setting up a new password to make it stronger and secure: 

  • Do not keep a sequential password. For example, 1234, or ABCDEF. It makes your account highly insecure and prone to hacks. 
  • Try using a combination of eight or nine letters which are in Uppercase and some in lower case. For example “A boy went to get Ice Cream and enjoyed eating it”. Take the first letter of each word and use it for passwords. 
  • Try combining the sentence of your password with symbols and characters to further the uniqueness of your password. 
  • Keep different passwords for different websites. Customize a few words for different websites. For example, say for Amazon the password you set is “Going To Use Amazon On My Computer”. For the next website just change the name with the site you are accessing. 
  • One can also try and use symbols and emoticons while setting up a new password. 


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