Here Are Elon Musk’s Wild Suggestions For The Future Of Twitter

Elon Musk (Image courtesy: Instagram)

New Delhi: After the takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk has been suggesting ideas of developments that can be made on the social media platform.

Elon Musk pointed out that Twitter needs to be protected from unwanted hacks and spying.

In a tweet, he said that “Twitter DMs should have end to end encryption like Signal, so no one can spy on or hack your messages”.

In another tweet, he mentioned that Twitter needs to develop “public trust”. He tweeted, “it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally.”

These suggestions have sparked a debate all over the platform with opinions coming from different and diverse aspects. Elon Musk clarified his idea of “free speech” earlier in a tweet and made his vision clearer after the takeover bid.

In another tweet, he took a dig at another social media platform and said that “Truth Social (terrible name) exists because Twitter censored free speech”.

Amid the suggestions and debate that erupted on the platform, he finally tweeted that “Let’s make Twitter maximum fun!”.


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