Fact Check: Old Incident Of FDA Official’s Murder In Punjab Viral As A Recent Incident

Recently, an image of a woman has gone viral on social media platforms with the claim that a Food and Drug Administration official in Punjab, named Neha Shoree was recently shot dead for raiding pharmacy outlets and suspending their license as they were selling banned intoxicants.

A Facebook user shared the image with a caption in Hindi that translates to, “This is Dr Neha Shoree, who was posted on the post of Drug Inspector in Punjab. A few months back they raided some pharmacy outlets and cancelled their licenses for selling banned drugs. Yesterday, a drug peddler visited her office in Mohali and shot her in daylight. An honest officer who fought against drugs – that had ruined nearly 70-80% of Punjab’s youth – was shot dead! The bravery of people like Neha’s is as important as that of our armed forces and police. These people protect the country from the inside! They protect our society, our youth, and our people! A heartfelt salute to this brave and honest woman who sacrificed her life protecting the future of many youths! Consider the fact that the electronic media is silent all around, so now no one will talk on the issue of drugs in Punjab.”

(Original:#उड़ता_और_उडाता_पंजाब…ये है डॉ नेहा सूरी, जो पंजाब में ड्रग इंस्पेक्टर के पोस्ट पर तैनात थीं। कुछ हीं महीने पहले इन्होंने कुछ फार्मेसी आउटलेट्स पर छापा मारा था और प्रतिबंधित नशीली दवाओं की बिक्री के लिए उनके लाइसेंस रद्द कर दिए थे।कल, एक ड्रग पेडलर ने मोहाली में इनके कार्यालय में आकर दिनदहाड़े इन्हें गोली मार दी। पंजाब के लगभग 70-80% युवाओं को बर्बाद कर चुकी ड्रग्स से लड़ने वाली एक ईमानदार अधिकारी की गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी गई !नेहा की उन जैसे लोगों की बहादुरी उतनी ही महत्वपूर्ण है जितनी हमारे सशस्त्र बलों, सेना और पुलिस की। ये लोग देश को अंदर से सुरक्षित करते हैं! वे हमारे समाज, हमारे युवाओं, हमारे लोगों की रक्षा करते हैं! इस बहादुर और ईमानदार महिला को दिल से सैल्यूट है जिन्होंने कई युवाओं के भविष्य की रक्षा करते हुए अपने जीवन का बलिदान दिया!इस बात पर गौर कीजिए कि चारों तरफ सन्नाटा इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडिया चुप है, इसलिए अब पंजाब में ड्रग्स के मुद्दे पर कोई बात नहीं करेगा!)


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral claim and found it to be misleading.

On performing relevant keyword searches, we found a report published about Neha Shoree’s murder in The Statesman on March 30, 2019. According to the report, drug inspector Neha Shoree was shot dead in her office in Punjab’s Kharar. The accused fired two rounds at her with his licensed revolver and then shot himself, the police said. The accused, however, survived and was taken to a hospital.

NDTV, Financial Express, and India Times also reported the incident.

Neha Shoree was posted as the Zonal Licensing Official with the Drug and Food Chemical Laboratory in Kharar. “The accused went to the woman’s office and fired two rounds. Then, he tried to run away. Police reached the spot immediately and took the accused into custody,” news agency PTI quoted a police statement.

The assailant has been identified as 50-year-old Balwinder Singh who originally belongs to Morinda. Police said that he owned a chemist shop in Morinda and the woman officer, Neha Shoree, had cancelled the pharmacy’s license back in 2009. The Indian Express reported that she was also going to depose in a court case against Balwinder Singh on the matter.

Therefore, with the above information, it can be concluded that the viral claim is misleading.

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