PM Modi In ‘Mann ki Baat’ Says Water Conservation Social, Spiritual Duty Of All

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday in his 88th monthly radio broadcast ‘Mann ki Baat’ emphasised on water conservation in the country while stating that it’s key to the progress of the country.

Hailing the Amrit Sarovar scheme of the Central government. He quoted to ancient scriptures said water conservation is a social and spiritual duty of every person.

PM announced the construction of 75 Amrit Sarovar (ponds) in every district of the country.

“This rising heat equally increases our responsibility to save water. During the (Azadi ka) Amrit Mahotsav, 75 Amrit Sarovars will be built in every district of the country. You can imagine how big the campaign is. The day is not far when there will be 75 Amrit Sarovars, one in your own city,” said PM Modi.

Emphasising efforts for water conservation, PM Modi said, “Vedas and Puranas have termed water conservation as the social and spiritual duty of every person.”

“In Valmiki Ramayana, special emphasis has been laid on water conservation, on connecting water sources. Similarly, students of history would know, how much engineering was developed in India regarding water even during the Indus-Saraswati and Harappan civilizations,” he added.

PM Modi also said that “the availability of water determines the progress and speed of any country”.

PM Modi also hailed the efforts made by Panchayat and local people and school children in Uttar Pradesh for their hardwork to rejuvenating a pond that used to be filled with heaps of garbage.

PM while congratulating the people and Patwai Gram Panchayat of Rampur for their arrangements; he said he is eager to inaugurate the Amrit Sarovar initiative which will rejuvenate the water bodies and conserve every drop of water in every district.

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