Now Share File Upto 2GB On WhatsApp

Tech Giant Meta announced that it will be adding additional features to Whatsapp in the coming weeks that will enable users to share files upto 2GB. They also announced the integration of “Communities” in its application to give users an enhanced experience in group chats and conversations. 

Several organizations, schools, and clubs depend on Whatsapp for day-to-day communication and interaction. According to Whatsapp, “Communities on Whatsapp will enable people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella with a structure that works for them.”

Image Source: Whatsapp

 These features will give special controls to the group’s admin. Admin can control the messages sent to the group. 

Image Source: Whatsapp

Whatsapp will also increase the file sharing limit to upto 2 gigabytes, to help groups and organizations collaborate on projects efficiently. It will also allow users to “one-tap-voice call” to upto 32 people. 

The new update will also include emoji reactions to chats. It will help users share their views without flooding the chats. 

Image Source: Whatsapp

Whatsapp will also update the Voice chat and calling feature on the app. With the latest updates in place, users can pause and resume while sending voice notes. They can also listen to the voice note before sending it. 

With the new update, users can play the voice note at 1.5x or 2x speeds to listen to the message faster.  


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