Here’s How To Beat The Heat

Many parts of India are currently facing heat waves with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees Celsius. Indian Meteorological Department has warned that the heatwave will spread] over Jammu division, Himachal Pradesh, south Haryana-Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh during the next five days.

Amid the temperature rise, people need to prevent themselves from heat-related health concerns. NewsMobile spoke to Dr Vijay Bahadur Singh, Associate Professor and HOD of the department of medicine, Govt. Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Patna.

He suggested that it is essential for a person to be hydrated to prevent heat-related complications, thus, one must drink plenty of water along with other fluids like coconut water and lemonade. He also advised to avoid being empty stomach for a longer duration during the heatwave and always cover the head with a cap or turban if in sun.

Here are some of the steps that people can take to beat the heat:

1. Avoid direct exposure to the sun: Direct exposure to the sun and excessive sweating can easily lead to dehydration. Hence, it is best advised to stay indoors during summer.

2. Eat light and easily digestible meals: Heavy meals can generate heat in the body making a person uncomfortable. Also, avoid eating processed food or taking in too many salty foods.

3. Keep your feet cool: It is essential to keep your feet cool to avoid heatstrokes. Hence, soak your feet in water to relax.

4. Keep your house cool: Green roof or rooftop gardening can help reduce the temperature of your house and thus keeping it cooler than the surrounding.

5. Wear light coloured loose clothes: Tight and dark clothes can make one sweat more. Dark colours absorb more heat making you feel hotter. Also, clothes with a thick texture make you feel hot. Thus, it is advised to wear clothes that are of light shade, breathable fabric and loose to relax during summer.

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