Sonia Gandhi Urges Centre to Allocate Sufficient Budget For MGNREGA

New Delhi: Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi while speaking in Lok Sabha on Thursday urged the central government to ensure proper budget allocation for MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme). 

In her speech, she pointed out that the laborers should be paid wages within 15 days of working. She added, “The MGNREGA which was mocked by several people a few years ago, provided timely help to crores of affected poor families during the COVID-19 pandemic and played a positive role in saving the (current) government.” 

She further added that “I urge centre that proper allocation of budget to be done for 

MGNREGA, payment of wages should be ensured within 15 days of work, and in case of delay in payment, compensation should be ensured.” 

She lashed out at the Centre for allocating less budget for the scheme. She said that the lesser allocation of the flagship scheme amounted to the weakening of the legal guarantee of timely payment and jobs. 

She urged the government to ensure timely payment and create an annual action plan for states to be determined without any delay. She said that laborers cannot be punished by delaying their payments due to the delayed social audit and appointment of Lok Pal



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