Russia-Ukraine War: Two Sides To Resume Negotiation Dialogue In Turkey

As the Russian offensive in Ukraine continues for over a month, two sides are likely to resume in-person dialogue this week in Turkey to deescalate the situation. 

According to reports, the Russian side has not included the three core agendas namely the legal acceptance of language, denazification, and finally demilitarisation. 

Here’s the latest from the war trone Ukraine:

  • The Russian side is ready to resume peace talks and negotiate with Ukraine. They are ready to allow Ukraine to join the European Union as long as they remain non-aligned militarily. 
  • Part of the deal will possibly include Ukraine stopping its drive to join the NATO alliance in exchange for guarantees on the security front. 
  • A missile attack was carried out by Russia on the oil depot situated on the Western Ukrainian front. This is the second attack that was carried out on oil depots by Russia in the recent past. 
  • The United Nations Chief has launched an initiative to look for opportunities for “a humanitarian cease-fire in Ukraine”. 
  • UN General Secretary in a statement said that they are in “very close contact” with India and the countries member countries like Israel, Turkey who is mediating between Russia and Ukraine to stop the war. 
  • A high-level meet is scheduled between India and Russia with the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The agenda of the meeting is to discuss the payment method for India to procure oil and military equipment from Moscow. 
  • The suburb of Kyiv and an eastern town were recaptured by Ukraine from Russia before the in-person talks between both countries. 
  • According to a British Intelligence report, Russia has deployed 1,000 mercenaries in eastern Ukraine by a Russian private military company, the Wagner Group. 
  • Biden refuses to offer an apology for his comment on the “change of power” in Russia. He further clarifies that the statement is more of his personal “moral outrage” and “not a change in policy”. 



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