Fuel Prices Continues To soar; Petrol Hiked by 30 Paise, Diesel by 35 Paise


New Delhi: Fuel prices continue to soar burning a hole in the pockets of the citizens as prices of petrol and diesel were hiked again on Monday for the sixth time within a week.

Petrol rates were hiked by 30 paise a litre and diesel by 35 paise a litre.

Following the latest revision, a litre of petrol in Delhi will now cost ₹ 99.41 per litre as against ₹ 99.11 previously, while diesel rates will be sold at ₹ 90.77 from ₹ 90.42 per litre earlier.

In Mumbai, petrol stands at ₹ 114.19 per litre, while diesel will be sold at ₹ 98.50 per litre. Among the metro cities, fuel rates are still the highest in Mumbai.

The rates were held steady for over four months despite the spike in crude oil prices. The rate revision had ended on March 22.


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