Fact Check: Old Video Viral To Suggest Women Were Tricked At Voting Booth During Recent Assembly Elections

The results of Assembly Elections for five states, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Punjab, Manipur and Uttarakhand, were declared on March 10, 2022.

In the above context, a video of an NDTV news report is widely being shared on social media in which women are alleging that they were tricked into voting for BJP. In the video, they can be seen saying that they wanted to vote for the elephant symbol (election symbol of BSP) but the workers at the booth pressed lotus (election symbol of BJP) in its place and tried to tell them that it was done inadvertently.

The video was shared with a caption that read, “बूथ कैप्चरिंग खुले आम बीजेपी के पक्ष में” (English translation, “Booth capturing openly in favour of BJP.”) The caption hints that the incident of booth capturing happened during the recent State Assembly Elections.

The link to the post can be seen here.


NewsMobile did a fact-check and found the claim to be misleading.
On closely observing the video we saw that the ticker read, “फरीदाबाद: बूथ कैपचरिंग का वीडियो?” (English translation, “Faridabad: Booth capturing video?”)
Taking a hint, we searched for  ‘ फरीदाबाद: बूथ कैपचरिंग का वीडियो’ and found the same video was uploaded by a Facebook user on May 16, 2019. Hence, we could ascertain that the viral video was old.
We found a report by NDTV published on May 14, 2019. The report suggested that three women in Faridabad, Haryana, alleged that a youth named Giriraj Singh forced them to press the lotus symbol on EVM while they wanted to give the vote to some other party.
Hence, an old video of women alleging rigged elections in Faridabad is being widely shared and linked to the recent assembly elections.

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