Google Tests Darker ‘Dark Mode’ For Android Apps

On the internet and on mobile devices, dark mode is a popular theme. When given the option, the majority of iOS and Android users select Dark Mode on their devices.

According to reports, Google has been developing a darker dark mode for its Android search app, taking dark mode a step further.

The tech giant, Google, is testing a pitch-black theme for search results on the desktop browser version last week, and the one seen in the mobile app is deeper than the regular dark grey but still lighter than pitch black.

The new dark option in Google’s mobile app may be more appealing to users who have OLED screens and want to save battery life, or who simply enjoy dark mode. The new theme is available in Google’s current 13.8 beta on the Google Play Store.

This change is most noticeable in the Discover feed, which has darkened significantly. The colour of search results has also changed to a darker hue, although the difference isn’t as detectable. If you’re searching at night, the app’s UI will be even easier on your eyes with deeper hues of grey.

It’s uncertain which regions will have access to Search’s pitch-black dark mode, as the test appears to be random.


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