Fact Check: 2013 Video Of Putin Walking Alone Viral As Recent

A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin abandoning his presidential motorcade and walking alone is being shared on social media insinuating that the video was taken recently after his press briefing.

The video was shared by Facebook users with the caption, “Russian President Vladimir Putin Snubs his presidential Motorcade to walk home after a press briefing, something is going wrong with Putin.”

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found that the video is old.

We extracted keyframes of the video and ran them through Reverse Image Search. The search led us to the longer version of the same video, which was uploaded on YouTube in 2013.

The description of the video read, “Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the funeral of his former Judo trainer Anatoly Rakhlin, which took place in St. Petersburg. The Russian president expressed his deep sorrow for the loss and after the service stood next to his former trainer’s coffin, contemplative, with his head bowed. Putin gave his condolences to Rakhlin’s family and laid flowers at the grave of his coach. After the end of the ceremony, Putin asked for a moment for himself and walked along Vatutina Street, alone, without his usual escort of bodyguards and press.”

The same video was uploaded by Russian state-backed media outlet RT on YouTube on August 9, 2013. “Putin walked alone in St. Petersburg,” Google translation of the title read. 

Thus, from the above information, it is clear that the video is from 2013 and is not recent.

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