The Ukraine Invasion: FAQ | All You Need To Know

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Why did Putin unleash the war.

Vladimir Putin has been nurturing ambitions of reclaiming and building a greater Soviet Union and Ukraine which doesn’t have a pro-Russian government was always on Putin’s target. Having a vast agricultural-producing country with a rich deposit of minerals is also an attractive economic proposition. Besides he wanted to send the message to US President Joe Biden and the international community that he can act at will in his desire to establish global Supremacy.

Why are US and NATO countries not willing to send armed forces to Ukraine to help.

Visuals from Kiev, Ukraine.
(Visuals – Reuters)
Ukraine is not a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) a military grouping of 30 countries in Europe that includes the US and Canada as well.
And membership in some cases can take up to 20 years. For NATO members under article 5 of the NATO charter, any action against one NATO country is construed as an attack on others so if Ukraine was a NATO member they would have all sent forces.

Putin invaded knowing full well that Ukraine will not get active support from other countries. US and others have provided military equipment support and are also providing intelligence capabilities but there are limitations in enhancing Ukraine’s capabilities in a war situation.

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Why hasn’t India strongly spoken against the Russian invasion.

Visuals from Kharkiv & Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv Ukraine

India has stopped short of voting against Russia but its statement in the security council did speak about the fact that the sovereignty of a nation shouldn’t be violated. With so many Indians stuck in Ukraine, it also needs a safe passage for these nationals, even though it has a strong relationship with the US going completely with the US-led stand may also mean jeopardizing the relationship with Russia which has been a key military supplier to India. However, with Russia courting China and Pakistan, it may be time for India to rethink its strategic options.

Also, it needs to be more vocal about the invasion of sovereignty as the Chinese can use the same template against India and smaller neighbors like Bhutan.

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Will this lead to a Third World War.

Visuals from Kiev, Ukraine.
(Visuals – Reuters)

Highly unlikely that the international community will jump in with an attack on Russia for the Ukraine invasion. The world is still battling the impact of Covid and the global economy has been badly impacted. None of the major global powers can afford a full-scale war. In my opinion, Putin will overrun Ukraine and settle for his strategic gains, but the biggest casualty will be the human cost of the war coupled with rising oil prices, inflation, and also a refugee crisis in Europe with thousands of Ukrainians fleeing their country.

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What has been China’s role in the Ukraine invasion.

Visuals from Kharkiv & Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv Ukraine
China has been a key player and has worked actively behind the scenes to encourage Putin to go ahead with the invasion. It has reassured Putin so he could move his forces away from the Chinese border and has also pledged to support him economically when the sanctions are imposed. Besides this China stands to gain by moving the focus away from the Chinese threat to major democracies like the US and with the invasion, Putin is the number one target now.

How is Ukraine’s invasion different than other wars.

It is a major war where cyber attacks will play a pivotal role Russians have mounted cyberattacks to cripple key infrastructure for Ukraine which has helped them. Ukrainian hackers have also hit back with their strikes against Russian installations. The fear is that Russian hackers can also try to hit key installations in the US and other NATO countries post the Invasion. Besides this, the invasion has seen a major use of disinformation and spread of misinformation with fake videos being spread by largely Russia to hit the morale of the Ukrainian forces and their people.

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