Trudeau’s Hypocrisy Exposed, Say Indians As Canada PM Invokes Emergency Against Protesters

Truckers' Protest (file image)

The tables have turned for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Monday, he invoked the rarely used Emergencies Act to curb the ongoing truckers’ protest against his government.

This means his government is giving the right to freeze the bank accounts of everyone linked to the protests. There is no need for a court order.

Not just that, truckers whose vehicles are found at the site of the blockade will lose their corporate bank accounts and their insurance.

“It’s all about following the money”, said Canada’s Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland.

But just over a year ago, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau had commented on the farmer protests in India. ‘Canada will defend rights of peaceful protesters’, he had said then about India’s internal matter.

With this mega clampdown on protesting truckers in his own country, Indians are now questioning his double standards.

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal tweeted “So much for Trudeau’s lessons and of other westerners on the right to peaceful protest in a democracy and blabbering about erosion of democracy and freedoms in India in the wake of farmers protests. Bunch of hypocrites with Trudeau in the lead.”

Strategic affairs commentator Brahma Chellaney was brutal in his assessment. He wrote, “Trudeau has failed the basic test of democracy, which is that nonviolent protests, even if disruptive, must not be crushed with brute force. That is what distinguishes a democracy from an autocracy. Trudeau refused to even open talks with the truckers, calling them “extremists.”

Economist Sanjeev Sanyal quote tweeted a video of a protester being tackled with brute force. He pointed out the hypocrisy of the western media as well and wrote, “Now imagine the Western media reporting if this was in India ….”

Another twitter user pointed out the contrast in Trudeau’s approach when he wrote, “There was a protest in India that held the national capital to ransom for months. Trudeau defended it…”

The contrast was also exposed by Twitter user Rosy who juxtaposed two videos of the Canadian PM

Meghna Girish, mother of Indian martyr Akshay Girish wrote, “Never practice what they preach to other nations! Supported similar protests in India. Such double standards…”

Many others pointed out the hypocrisy and asked the Canadian PM to not lecture India on how to handle its domestic matters.

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