Fact Check: No, Rahul Gandhi Did NOT Laud Demonetization; Viral Video Is Misleading

A video has gone viral on social media platforms claiming that former Congress president, Rahul Gandhi lauded the BJP government’s demonetization decision. Social media users are sharing the video with captions suggesting that Gandhi has declared that demonetization drive was beneficial.

A Facebook user shared the video with the caption in Hindi that roughly translates to, “Take it…Now even your Rahul has announced that demonetization.”

(Original:लो चम चओं…अब तो तुम्हारे रौळ ने भी एलान कर दिया कि नोटबन्दी से फायदा हुआ)

Several users are sharing the video with the same claim.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral video and found it to be shared with a misleading claim.

In the viral video, one can clearly see “Yuva Akrosh” written on the podium. Taking a hint from this and performing a relevant keyword search, we found the longer version of Rahul Gandhi’s speech uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the Indian National Congress on January 28, 2020. “LIVE: Shri Rahul Gandhi addresses Yuva Aakrosh Rally in Jaipur, Rajasthan,” reads the title of the video.

In the video that was ‘live streamed’, one can find the relevant section at the 34:21 mark. Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying, “Ask any young person, ask any 8-year-old kid whether ‘demonetization’ was beneficial or disadvantageous, he will say ‘beneficial’ (corrects himself), he will say was disadvantageous.” (Translated from Hindi)

In the viral video, the part wherein the Congress leader corrected himself, has been removed.

Hindi news website Patrika.com also published a report on Gandhi’s faux pas.

Therefore, it can be concluded that an old video from Rahul Gandhi’s rally is being shared with a misleading claim.

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